As of 20 September 2022, the COVID-19 testing requirement for entering The Bahamas has been eliminated.

All travellers, regardless of vaccination status, are no longer required to submit to pre-travel COVID-19 testing to enter the country.

Please note: COVID-19 testing is no longer required for persons travelling inter-island (domestic) within The Bahamas, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status (unvaccinated or fully vaccinated).

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Dream Diving Starts Right Here

A mile off the Andros Great Barrier Reef, surrounded by deserted islets and deep Blue Holes, Kamalame Cay is a world-class destination for divers and snorkelers. The region's abundance of marine life rich sites viewed through the translucent waters of the Bahamas with 100-foot visibility, the island's fully equipped Dive Shop, staffed with PADI-certified professionals, offers a comprehensive range of excursions as well as dive lessons and certification.

a scuba diver under water


Freediving, free-diving, free diving, breath-hold diving, or skin diving is a form of underwater diving that relies on breath-holding until resurfacing rather than the use of breathing apparatus such as scuba gear. Enter the blue abyss of the Atlantic Ocean and discover an amazing array of colorful fish, anemones.

While enjoying this activity - explore the reefs, improve your spearfishing skills, and possibly restore physiological effects and meditative qualities.

Although freediving involves less gear than scuba, there are still many safety considerations. It is important to begin your journey with an experienced, qualified freedive instructor to learn proper techniques to keep you and family safe.

a brown leaf on a white surface


There is a lot to explore with the Andros Barrier Reef right just over a mile offshore! We have a variety of options for both beginners and more experienced divers and our experienced PADI staff would love to show you around our favorite sites
Single diver, 1 tank dive - $265
Single diver, 2 tank dives - $499
2 divers, 1 tank dive - $249
2 divers, 2 tank dive - $299
3-6 Divers, 1 tank dive - $135 per person
3-4 Divers, 2 tank dives - $229 per person

10% value added tax is additional to all prices.

a person and a child in a pool


Not certified? Start your adventure in the pool with a PADI Instructor to practice a few skills and get familiar with your gear. Then, if you choose, you can try a shallow dive on the Barrier Reef!

Pool session required- $110 per person
1 tank dive rates apply for optional ocean dive.

10% value added tax (VAT) is additional to all prices.

a person in a pool


Future divers who are at least 8-9 years old can learn about scuba gear and experience a dive in our heated pool to try blowing bubbles underwater!
Please contact for availability.

a few people in scuba gear


Advance your dive training and learn something new while visiting our beautiful island. Course prices available upon request for the following:

Advanced Open Water
Rescue Diver
Emergency First Response
Reef Rescue Diver

10% value added tax (VAT) is additional to all prices.

a seal swimming in water


We highly recommend completing the dive theory or e-learning portion of the course in advance so that you can relax at Kamalame and spend your time with us underwater.

One diver - $1175
Group - $775 per person

10% value added tax (VAT) is additional to all prices.

a scuba diver under water


Both Basic Freediver and Freediver course options include static and dynamic apnea, free immersion, and constant weight diving. In order to complete either course, participants need to complete the performance requirements for the pool sessions and 2 open water sessions. Practice breathing techniques, learn how to hold your breath, and safely descend into the ocean.

Basic Freediver course (anyone 12+ years old) which covers divers to 20ft
PADI Freediver course which allows people to dive up to 55 ft (anyone 15+ years old)

Certification course, single diver - $1199
Certification course, 2-4 divers - $620 each

10% value added tax (VAT) is additional to all prices.

a person swimming underwater


Learn about breathing techniques to calm your body, slow your heart rate and increase your breathhold by tapping into your Mammalian Dive Reflex.
Classroom presentation & pool session, single- $199 per person

10% value added tax (VAT) is additional to all prices.

a couple of men in scuba gear


Looking to improve your technique or practice with a qualified buddy? Bespoke experiences may be custom designed in advance upon request.

a scuba diver swimming next to a group of fish


Certified Freedivers can spend a few hours out on the Andros Barrier Reef diving along the drop line with a qualified buddy. If it has been a while, refresh your technique and equalization skills surrounded by great visibility and amazing creatures.

Half Day Recreational Freediving Experience - $499

10% value added tax (VAT) is additional to all prices.

Just offshore, the world’s third largest coral complex remains untouched because of its remote location. The adventure here is exploring this stunning marine ecosystem through the resort’s PADI-certified dive centre.
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