As of 20 September 2022, the COVID-19 testing requirement for entering The Bahamas has been eliminated.

All travellers, regardless of vaccination status, are no longer required to submit to pre-travel COVID-19 testing to enter the country.

Please note: COVID-19 testing is no longer required for persons travelling inter-island (domestic) within The Bahamas, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status (unvaccinated or fully vaccinated).

For further details, please click Learn more.

Kamalame Cay Hero Shot

Angling & Other Adventures

With experienced guides at the helm, explore our turquoise waters as you catch the elusive Bonefish daily or Spearfish for lobsters between August 1 - March 31 annually.
Create special memories on the blue during a Reef Fishing excursion and reel in a few Mutton Snappers, Hogfish and Jack for dinner.

a couple of men holding a fish


Anchor along the reef and fish for demersal fish like snappers and grouper. Our guide will inform you of local fisheries regulations and you may be able to bring back dinner!

9AM or 1PM
Excursion $550

10% value added tax is additional to all prices.

a person holding a fish


The Bahamas we spearfish using pole spears and Hawaiian slings and cannot spearfish on SCUBA. Our team is willing to teach if you have never tried before- it involves snorkeling with a spear, duck diving down to find your fish and then making the perfect shot so you will have to work hard for your dinner!

9AM or 1PM
Excursion $599
Ask about our Lionfish Removal Excursions

10% value added tax is additional to all prices.

a man on a boat


Join us on a trip to catch fresh fish for the Cay! Stop by the dive shop marina for more information as these fishing trips are limited.

$250 per person when available

10% value added tax (VAT) is additional to all prices.

a man holding a fish on a boat


Let one of our experienced professional guides take you through pristine flats and mangrove creeks in search of the elusive bonefish. Guides can accommodate up to 2 people per vessel.

Half day $555
Full day $620
Joulter Cays $745

Rental rods, flies, and bait are available at an additional cost.
Fishing license is required for all bonefishing for an additional $20 fee.

Bone Fishing Addendum: All payments are non-refundable and any changes must be discussed and agreed upon with or by the assigned private guide. Our private guides have a no-cancellation policy.

10% value added tax is additional to all prices.

a group of sailboats in the water


Borrow a rod from the Adventure Team for your fishing excursion or DIY fishing along the Cay. Daily rental is possible pending availability only.

Fly Rod - $30
Spin Rod - $20
Fly Box Rental - $15
Fly Purchase - $6
Shrimp Bait - $12.50

10% value added tax (VAT) is additional to all prices.

A few hundred feet offshore, the world's third-largest coral reef harbors an astounding array of marine life—from colorful angelfish and parrotfish to stingrays and nurse sharks … whales and dolphins.
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