As of 20 September 2022, the COVID-19 testing requirement for entering The Bahamas has been eliminated.

All travellers, regardless of vaccination status, are no longer required to submit to pre-travel COVID-19 testing to enter the country.

Please note: COVID-19 testing is no longer required for persons travelling inter-island (domestic) within The Bahamas, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status (unvaccinated or fully vaccinated).

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Staff Picks

Count on us to deliver the ultimate insider's guide to Andros. From fishing spots to food fests, our staff favorites cover everything worth seeing and doing in and around our island paradise.  

  • a person in the water

    Snorkel and Dive Around the Great Barrier Reef

    June 06

    Visit Kamalame Cay and immerse yourself in endless natural beauty from sea to sky to shoreline. Everywhere you look, there’s another incredible site to behold, with azure skies, bright intoxicating blue water, lush refreshing green palms, and firey sunsets blushing the clouds with crimson and gold. But what you can’t often see, under the lapping turquoise water, is equally spectacular. And you’re invited to dive in and see the natural wonders for yourself.

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  • fishing boat in the ocean

    Plan Now for Fish this Spring

    December 21

    ‘Tis the season for merrimaking and gift-giving, so why not give the gift of the Bahamas by booking a trip to Kamalame Cay for the spring? Make a plan for the angler in your life so they can cast their line into some of the clearest and richest water you can fish.

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  • birders paradise

    Visit a Birder’s Paradise

    November 02

    When you’re packing for your visit to Kamalame Cay and the Andros Islands, don’t forget your binoculars. Not to see the islands further offshore or to spy your love swimming out into the surf. Aim higher and spot the birds! This month we’re giving the spotlight to our avian residents, those most common to the Cay and those you’ll most likely to see during your visit.

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  • coral garden with lot of tropical fish on red sea

    Preserving our Coral Reefs

    November 02

    Beneath the surface of the turquoise water, along the east coast of Andros Island, lives the world’s third largest barrier reef. At more than 124 miles long, it’s the third largest living organism on the planet with more than 164 species of fish and coral calling it home. 

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  • girl snorkeling under water image

    Discover a Rainbow of Color Underwater

    September 20

    On a beautiful private island off the world’s third largest Barrier Reef, Kamalame Cay sits, perched atop the water as the ultimate escape for barefoot beachcombers and ocean adventurers.

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  • picnic at kamalame

    Treat Yourself to a Picnic in the North End

    August 04

    Kamalame is the perfect escape for barefoot beachcombers and ocean adventurers. Come explore with your loved ones and gaze into the blue - realizing a tropical world you never knew existed.

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  • paddle through the mangroves

    Paddle Through the Mangroves

    July 06

    Of the nearly 700 islands that compose the Bahamas, Andros Island, where Kamalamae Cay calls home, is the largest. Yet, despite its proximity to bustling Nassau, it remains among the least explored islands of the Bahamas. So be among the few, and plan a visit to discover the beauty across 2,300 square miles of tropical foliage, mahogany, pine forests and magical mangroves.

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  • snorkeling near the great barrier reef

    Snorkeling Near the Great Barrier Reef

    May 25

    When you come to Kamalame Cay, beauty is all around you. Everywhere you look, there’s another incredible site to behold with bright, intoxicating blue skies, lush, refreshing green palms, and firey sunsets setting the clouds ablaze with crimson and gold. But what you can’t often see, under the sea, is equally spectacular. And so this month, we’re inviting you to sitesee underwater by snorkeling.

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  • blue bird on a tree

    Come to Kamalame Cay and See Our Birds

    April 25

    When you visit Kamalame Cay and the Andros Islands, you’re visiting our native residents, too. And we’re not talking about our fellow humans, nor the fish we’ve featured in previous posts. We’re talking about birds. This month we’re giving the spotlight to our avian neighbors, those most common to the Cay and those you’ll most likely to see during your visit.

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  • fish swimming on the ocean

    This Spring, Reel in a Hogfish!

    March 30

    Super unique and super tasty, hogfish are kind of a big deal. Reel one in on a Reef Fishing Tour this spring during your stay at Kamalame Cay. With so many fishing charters to choose from, you’re bound to make a catch you won’t want to throw back.

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  • beach with clear water

    Get Warm and Celebrate Christmas on the Cay

    December 27

    This Christmas, take all the fuss and bother out of those tired holiday traditions and swap your velvet party dress for a sarong.

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  • kc_eblast quads 02

    COCO Bahama Seaplanes Deliver Magic to the Cay

    November 23

    Just 20 minutes from Nassau, over the Andros Great Barrier Reef, are the white sand beaches of Kamalame, and now you can get here by seaplane. Take off and watch COCO bring glamour back to flying the Islands of The Bahamas.

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  • Woman making intricate woven baskets.

    Explore Kamalame Cay’s Enchanted Red Bays

    October 15

    Visit the Bahamas and visit the world. Kamalame Cay offers a slice of life so rich with culture and history that you simply can’t afford to stay indoors. Come and explore!

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  • istock 480634681

    An Angler's Paradise

    September 28

    Just a mile off of the sandy beaches here at Kamalame Cay, the turquoise water gives way to a 6,000-feet deep well of opportunities for adventure and exploration. 

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  • shop image

    Island Magic You Can Wear: Introducing KAMALAME x BYCHARI

    August 24

    We take great pride in the natural beauty of our island—from the vibrant coral reefs dotted with fish to the palm trees that sway in the breeze. Thanks to a new collaboration with BYCHARI, you can take some of the Kamalame magic with you wherever you go.

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  • Pier at Kamalame

    A Day of R&R at The Overwater Spa

    July 05

    With so much adventure to dive right into while you're here, it's hard to remember to take time to relax on the island.

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  • Kamalame Cay Snorkel

    Break a Sweat in Paradise

    January 25

    At Kamalame Cay, we pride ourselves on providing unplugged luxury, built around the natural beauty of our private island and the flourishing Andros Barrier Reef.

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  • istock 1183050749 1

    Begin the New Year in Pure Relaxation and Wellness

    December 16

    This year has been unexpected, to say the least. We’ve readjusted, reflected, and now it’s finally time to relax and enter 2021 with a rejuvenated sense of wellness. 

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  • scuba diverjpg

    Dive Into The Bahamas’ Hidden Underwater World

    November 09

    The Bahamas is well-known for breathtaking scuba diving, abundant tropical fish, and colorful coral reefs. Novice scuba divers can experience this underwater wonderland for themselves after partaking in a two-hour Discover Scuba course that covers all the basics right here in our resort pool.

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  • beach brunch

    Is Island Life Calling Your Name?

    October 05

    It’s true that we are biased, but we genuinely love island life. We enjoy everything about our private cay and would not trade it for anything. If you are curious if island life could be right for you, please read on for five benefits you will undoubtedly receive whilst visiting Kamalame Cay.

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  • Two men fishing by the shore

    Bonefishing off the Coast of Andros Island

    September 07

    There are several moments that make Kamalame Cay special, and our secluded piece of paradise is buzzing with activity focused around the ocean. A favorite pastime here is bonefishing and many expert anglers flock our shorelines to partake in this fun activity.

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  • an image of a helicopter taking flight off the beach

    Escape to the Cay

    August 03

    This is a place of exclusive exotica, truthfully everything about Kamalame Cay is extraordinary. It’s no secret that our location sits on some of the most beautiful beaches and waters in the world. However, encountering the island’s marvel from the shoreline and seeing them from the sky are two vastly different experiences.

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  • a photo of a scuba diver holding a coral fragment in a coral nursery

    Let's Rescue The Reefs, Together

    July 06

    When people think of the Bahamas, they often visualize white sandy beaches, balmy breezes, and crystal clear waters.

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  • photo of a man kayaking in the mangroves

    Venture into the Magical World of Mangroves by Kayaking

    June 01

    Here at Kamalame Cay, we pride ourselves on providing an utterly secluded and unplugged experience—one that helps shift the focus onto the wonders and beauty of the island’s natural environment. Days are filled with ocean swims, world-classing divings, bicycling the island’s white sand roads, and more often than not: kayaking lush mangrove tributaries.

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  • a photo of a gumbo limbo

    How Kamalame Got Its Name

    May 04

    Most of us may know the history behind Kamalame Cay: Brian and Jennifer Hew purchased a 96-acre slip of land in the 1990s and originally intended to construct their own private home, but instead they slowly transformed their tropical hideaway into the high-end retreat we know and love today. However, there is more to the island's history that we might not know—like how it got its name.

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  • a photo of a man who is spearfishing

    Spearfishing: The Ultimate Sea to Table Experience

    April 07

    There’s no denying that the crystal clear, turquoise waters of The Bahamas practically beg you to jump right in and if you’re the adventurous type (or looking to help out with dinner), spearfishing ought to be the reason for your submersion.

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  • Lobster Tail with Butter

    Surprise Your Taste Buds With a Fresh Spiny Lobster

    March 02

    It's time for passionate seafood enthusiasts to get their fresh lobster fix in Andros. The season, which runs from August to March, is coming to a close for these fresh spiny lobsters.

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  • Sparklers in the Sand

    It's going to be a great year for Kamalame Cay!

    February 03

    We are feeling good all the way around here on Kamalame Cay. We have reached peak season, the weather is perfect, we had a shout out in Condé Nast last month, and have just been awarded the Caribbean’s Leading Private Island Resort for 2020 less than a month ago.

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  • conde nast gold list 2020 magazine cover.jpeg

    Did You Catch Us in Condé Nast?

    January 06

    Have you heard the news? We got a shout-out in last month's Condé Nast’s Island addition. We are so pleased to be representing our favorite island of the Bahamas—Andros Island, the place we love to call home.

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  • girl blowing kiss by the beach

    Kisses from Kamalame Cay

    December 02

    There is no better way to celebrate the holiday season and the colder weather than by visiting us right here at Kamalame Cay.

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  • shutterstock_779192485

    Fresh Beginnings Are Happening at Kamalame Cay

    November 04

    The tides are changing in Kamalame—the weather is cooling down and the days are getting shorter. But the best part about November is that the new season is finally here.

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  • Woman making intricate woven baskets.

    Wander Around the World of the Red Bays

    October 07

    The Bahamas is crawling with history around every turn. We are a very special group of islands that have been touched from all over the world.

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  • shutterstock_1236188362

    Unique Batik -- A Bahamian Tradition

    September 02

    There are many things that are unique to the Bahamian Islands—one of our most beloved traditions is the authentic handmade art of Andros called Batik.

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  • shutterstock_752701432

    Have a Shallow Day at Staniard Creek

    August 05

    When visiting the Bahamas, you might wonder about the green bushes that seem to emerge effortlessly from the ocean. These interesting shrubs are not bushes at all—they are an important part of the Caribbean ecosystem called mangroves.

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  • shutterstock_1255170316

    We like to Keep Our Reefs Healthy at Kamalame Cay

    July 01

    There are a number of things that we are proud of on Andros Island—but one of the things we love the most is our beautiful ocean. Since we are an island, a lot of our day-to-day activities revolve around the ocean.

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  • baked crabs with lemon

    Crab them while you can...

    June 03

    June has arrived! Which means Crab Fest is finally here. Get your crabbin’ shoes ready and join the entire island of Andros for a good ole fashion land crab hunt.

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  • dinner party at kamalame cay

    We like to Keep Things Natural at Kamalame Cay

    May 06

    We know when planning a trip to Kamalame Cay, you are seeking a one of a kind experience and a way to reconnect with nature. 

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  • shutterstock_256752703

    We Can Be a Little Crabby in Kamalame Cay

    April 01

    The 'Androsians' are serious about their crab season, and because crabs comprise more than half of the population, it is known as "The Land of Crabs." 

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  • champagne cheers

    Take an Escape to the North End

    March 04

    Do you ever wish you could escape, whilst on your actual escape? Oftentimes, while we are on vacation, we plan so many activities to not miss any of the action...

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  • couple in hammock

    Keep the Love Alive on Kamalame Cay

    February 04

    Reconnect with your loved one this February and let Kamalame Cay guide the way. Follow these five steps to create the perfect Valentine’s Day treat for your most treasured soulmate, without ever leaving the comfort of our resort!

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  • beach yoga

    Reset Your 2019 Intentions at Kamalame Cay

    January 06

    We have heard that 2019 is a year of rejuvenation and release—taking care of yourself and your loved ones is #1 in the books for the next 365 days.

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