Effective Sunday 19th June 2022 at 12:01 am The Bahamas Travel Health Visa (BTHV) will no longer be required to travel to The Bahamas.

All unvaccinated travelers ages 2 and older will be required to obtain a negative COVID-19 test - either a negative RT-PCR or a Rapid Antigen Test to be presented at check-in.

Vaccinated travelers will only be required to present proof of vaccination at check-in. Learn more


Plan An Easy Landing

A barrier island accessible only by flights into Andros Island or helicopters and seaplanes direct to the Cay, Kamalame Cay is located in the heart of Bahamas, off the coast of Andros Island and just one mile from the third largest barrier reef in the world.


Many international airlines may offer service to Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau Bahamas. Subsequently, shared or private flights are available to Fresh creek Andros or for an effortless arrival – try a private seaplane landing along the shoreline of Kamalame Cay. Once you have selected your international flight, select one of the options provided to get to Andros Bahamas or to land directly on the cay.


    Bringing glamour back to flying in the Bahamas, COCO BAHAMA offers an eight (8) passenger, two captain crew charter service from Nassau to Kamalame Cay. Travel in luxury for 20 min. through the azure skies and in moments feel the cool Atlantic ocean and powdery sand between your toes. To reserve, contact Charter cost $2,200 USD* one way. Learn more
    *Taxes and fees apply

  • Private Dove Wings Charter

    Offering a 5 passenger plane from Odyssey Aviation, Nassau to Fresh Creek International Airport in Andros. The total cost each way from one - five guests is $730. Cash, Visa, or MasterCard are accepted, on the day of travel and collected by the Captain. Use of a card will incur a 6% fee. The travel time is approximately 20 mins.


    SunUp and SunDown Boat Charter
    Cost $2,500 one way
    Departs from Old Town Sandy Port, Nassau to Kamalame Cay
    Vessel can carry 25 maximum passengers.

  • Private Seabird Seaplane Charter

    An effortless way to arrive for $2,800 one way. This craft hosts up to 8 passengers and departs from Jet Aviation, Nassau landing at Kamalame Cay. Flights are a two (2) Pilot Crew. Prepayment accepted using a visa/mastercard. The travel time is 20 mins.


    Offers private charter services in a 7 passenger plane for $750 one- way or a 9 passenger $850 one- way. Payment with a visa or mastercard will incur a 6% surcharge. Titan Air does not operate on Saturdays. To reserve, visit www.weflytitanaircom.

  • Domestic Flight - Le Air

    Le air departs from Lynden Pindling International airport in Nassau at 6: 45 am and 3 pm or from Fresh Creek International Airport in Andros at 7:15 am and 3:15 pm. Each ticket costs $160 pp round-trip. To schedule - visit Accommodates up to 18 passengers. The travel time is approximately 15 mins and the listed times may vary by 15 mins based upon the season.


    Offers a shared 7 or 9 passenger plane service. The cost is $84 one-way per person or $148 round trip per person. To reserve, visit www.weflytitanaircom. Titan Air does not operate on Saturdays. Flight times: Nassau to Andros @ 7:00 am and 4:00 pm and Andros to Nassau @ 7:30 am and 4:30 pm.


Upon confirming your accommodation, kindly advise your Concierge if you wish to reserve any private charters. All other shared flights may be booked on the airline's website. Upon disembarking in the Lynden Pindling International Airport, kindly proceed to the Connecting Flights Line in Immigration on the far left. Thereafter, if you are booked on any domestic carrier other than Le Air, kindly exit the Lynden Pindling International Airport and take any of the licensed cabs to your selected FBO - whether General, Jet or Odyssey Aviation where you will meet the captain of your flight. This ride will not be longer than 5 minutes and rates begin at $20 usd.

Upon landing at Fresh Creek Airport, once we are advised in advance, a taxi will be scheduled for you. Please pay the driver $65 usd cash for two (2) adults from Fresh Creek. The ride is 20 mins. From San Andros Airport it will be 45 mins, and $100 usd cash for the first two (2) adults. Any additional adults in a vehicle will attract a $4 usd charge per person. Upon arrival at our dock, we will take you across the creek in 5 mins, via ferry.

Air-crafts are prohibited from flying over Bahamian waters after sunset and before sunrise. Kindly verify prior to reserving your international flights.

All prices are quoted in usd and subject to change without notice.


An effortless 1 hour flight from Miami-Dade or Broward counties or 1.5 hours from The Fort Lauderdale Executive airport is the way to arrive in style. Guests may clear customs in Bimini, Fresh Creek or San Andros Airports. If arriving by seaplane, your pilot will gently land along the pristine beaches of Kamalame Cay where your vacation begins with a scenic walk to the Pineapple House for your concierge check-in. Fixed winged planes land at Fresh Creek or San Andros International airports.


    Relax in the spacious comforts of an 8 passenger seaplane with luxurious leather seating. Tropic Ocean Airways lands you on the shoreline of Kamalame Cay with flights departing from Miami or Fort Lauderdale. To schedule a private charter please contact 1.800.767.0897 or visit

  • Makers Air

    Makers Air formerly Watermakers Air offers on demand charters flying from Fort Lauderdale Executive on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. This flight lands at Fresh Creek International Airport in Andros, Bahamas. This airline also provides flights to San Andros International Airport in Bahamas. To reserve kindly visit Tickets round-trip cost approximately $709 USD and higher based upon the season.

  • Air Flight Inc. Private Charters

    They offer 7 and 9 passenger 402 aircrafts departing from Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Round-trip charters start at approximately $4,000. For flight availability and information, please contact 954.359.0320 or visit


Upon landing at Fresh Creek Airport or San Andros, once we are advised in advance, a taxi will be scheduled for you. Please pay the driver $65 USD one way for two (2) adults from Fresh Creek and the the ride will be 20 mins. From San Andros it will be 45 mins and $100 one way for the first two (2) adults. Each additional person in any vehicle will attract a $4 USD one way charge. Upon arrival at our dock, we will take you across the creek in 5 mins, via ferry.

A rare world of exclusive exotica and complete escapism, it’s hard to believe Kamalame sits less than 200 miles from the States. Just goes to show, heaven really isn’t that far away...