Explore the third largest (and least explored) barrier reef in the world, just a short swim from our shore.
Diving and Snorkeling

Just offshore, the world's third largest coral complex remains untouched because of its remote location. The adventure here is exploring this stunning marine ecosystem through the resort's PADI-certified dive centre.


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PADI Open Water Course - 4 to 5 days 

Requires RSTC Medical Form to be passed or reviewed by physician.

Theory can be done online or on Cay. An online course will be more cost effective and maximize time.
Enables diver to go to 18m/60ft with a buddy at any dive centre in the world- entry level certification. Includes 5 Confined Water dives, then 4 Open Water dives on the reef. All equipment included in price.

Price: E-learning: $1120 (single diver), $740 (multiple divers) 
         Theory on Cay:  $1227 (multiple divers), $847 (multiple divers)

Resort Course (aka Discover Scuba Diving) - 2 hours

Crash course in diving- learn the basics of a Scuba setup and some safety tips, then experience what it's like to breathe and fly underwater! Accompanied by PADI Professional at all times. Can count towards first dive in Open Water course if required.

Price: $292 single, $197 multiple

All other dives: 2 hours for 1 tank, 3-4 for 2 tanks (all depends on divers really!)



Let one of our experienced guides take you on an underwater adventure. Float lazily on the surface while nature parades below your eyes.

$140 for the 1st hour; $80 for each hour thereafter (covers up to 6 guests)

Snorkeling trip to Rat Cay Blue Hole

Where the tide ebbs and flows from the seabed and the fish dance in the current.

$220 for 2 hours and $80 for each hour thereafter (covers up to 6 guests)


This site is our closest dive site, situated just off the main Barrier Reef. We anchor in an 18m sand patch surrounded by large walls of healthy coral. This site is full of interesting topography, with a variety of swim-throughs, depth profiles and wildlife.

Fish Bowl/ Alladin's Cave

With a mooring ball sitting on a coral peninsula at around 18m, this site provides views into the deeper areas of the ocean. We start by heading North to view large spreading coral and coral spire formations, keeping an eye out for the large grouper which frequent this site. You will also see large chasms naturally cut into the reef, an ideal hiding place for interesting creatures.

Coral Palace (Tongue of the Ocean)

This site is the most beautiful way to witness the famed Tongue of the Ocean. Anchoring slightly deeper at 25m, we head East over a variety of sand patches and large coral mounds to the drop-off. At this depth, you will be able to hover over the abyss of 1,100m - 2,000m. I guarantee you this is an experience you will not forget for a while! We will then circle back along the edge of the dropoff, gradually getting shallower to the mooring site. Keep your eyes peeled for large pelagic fish including Hammerhead Sharks during this dive!

King Kong Blue Hole

When visiting and diving Andros, King Kong Oceanic Blue Hole should be on your list. The easiest way to describe it is as if someone took a large ice cream scoop made a large circle in the sea floor and voila-the dive site was created.  Not a site to be missed!

From the anchor site we drop over the edge of the Blue hole into a large semi-overhead environment littered with large boulders. Due to the cathedral-like structure of parts of the Blue Hole, there is a completely different feel and lighting to this dive. We continue around the edge of the Blue Hole (depths can be down to 40m) until we reach a large cut through the middle of the taliscone. Following this, we will then begin to spiral shallower, experiencing a beautiful wall dive littered with large parrotfish, jacks, whip coral and sea fans.


Slightly shallower in profile, A-Flats moors in a 12m sand patch surrounded by huge coral fields. We will lead a large square pattern East, which will lead us to a roll off littered with huge coral formations and spires. We will follow this ledge North, looking out for sharks and turtles before returning over the coral fields to the mooring site. This is a beautiful site to see with a large variety of smaller fish and corals.

Plus many more!

There are no sites that we can guarantee sightings of turtles/sharks etc as they are all very much wild.

Price: 1 tank dive - $220 (single diver), $125 (multiple divers)           
         2 tank dive - $480 (single diver), $240 (multiple divers)

These dives (unlike courses) also require gear rental as follows:

BCD: $10
Regulator: $10
Dive Computer (Not compulsory, but recommended): $10

*Taxes and gratuities are additional