Effective August 6, 2021, a Covid-19 PCR or Rapid Antigen test is required for entry in Bahamas. The test should be administered within five (5) days of your arrival date and taken to the airport. Learn more about new testing requirements: To apply for your travel visa, visit
If already in Bahamas, wishing to visit the Cay, and not inoculated, then a Covid PCR test is required and should be taken within 3 days of visiting the Cay. The negative test results must be presented, before or upon the day of arrival.
If a rapid antigen test is required to return to your country of origin, this can be administered on the Cay. A voucher should be purchased on and shown to the nurse, who will then administer the test at a rate of US$50 pp, cash only. Test results available within 30 mins. Prices vary if one is not vaccinated.
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Poseidon's Challenge


Blue Tide Marine and Kamalame Cay partner to introduce an unparalleled athletic adventure. The first annual, Poseidon Challenge, to be held March 19-22, 2020, is the world’s fiercest waterborne competition in a setting that highlights the natural beauty of the Bahamas.

Join us on the beach as a fellow spectator and cheer on the teams. Cost per day $99 usd and there is a special rate of $175.56 usd for a 2 day pass. Spectator tickets are only available on March 20 and 21. Your ticket gives you access to the Cay - including a ferry pass, temporary membership day pass and a lunchtime Beach Barbecue with a variety of refreshing non alcoholic beverages.

The event will be a two-day series of rigorous challenges designed by Blue Tide Marine and inspired by their Navy SEAL and Special Operations training. This unique, invitation-only event offers fitness buffs and adrenaline-seekers an exciting new opportunity to push themselves physically and mentally with team-based matches running Saturday and Sunday.

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The official race events include:

• Ocean Swim
• Outrigger Canoe Relay
• Trail Runs
• Shark Experience
• Small Boat Races
• Small Boat Carry
• Frogman Challenge
• Stand-Up Paddle Race

Competitor tickets:
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Spectator Tickets:

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