Head out by sea kayak, snorkel along the shore, experience all the natural beauty of Andros and Kamalame Cay.
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A few hundred feet offshore, the world's third-largest coral reef harbors an astounding array of marine life—from colorful angelfish and parrotfish to stingrays and nurse sharks. Just beyond these colorful coral gardens, the sea floor drops steeply into a trench known as the Tongue of the Ocean, which plunges to depths of more than 6,000 feet and is home to marine mammals, including whales, dolphins, and other large fish species.


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Preserved by The Andros Conservancy and Trust, the (the world’s third largest) is just offshore. The focus of Andros Island’s Forfar Field Station—an international research facility for studies in tropical ecology and marine biology—it is a protected, replenishment zone. The reef’s vibrant coral gardens and diverse marine life, combined with balmy Bahamian waters and 100-foot visibility, offer Kamalame’s guests a truly exceptional underwater adventure.

As well, the region’s tidal —first featured in National Geographic Magazine when Jacques Cousteau led a 1970 expedition team to explore them—are unique to the Bahamas and most abundant off Andros Island.

Providing instruction from full PADI certification to weekend resort courses, the marina’s Dive Centre caters to every experience level. With over a decade in the Andros archipelago, Mark and Hannah, Kamalame’s expert Dive Masters, provide a broad array of excursions for divers, non-divers, snorkelers and children. Guiding scuba expeditions through the wonders of the Blue Hole and the Great Barrier Reef—or jaunting guests off on day-trips to snorkel the area’s deserted islets and coves.