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The Piping Plover is the original beach goer; visiting the sandy shoreside since the dawn of time.... View Details >
The Kamalame Cay experience celebrates seclusion, anonymity, relaxation and great food.... View Details >
Kamalame Cay is absolutely stunning by foot and even more spectacular under sea-level — but even more stunning than those combined, is the beauty of Kamalame Cay while floating your way through the mangroves and waves.... View Details >
One of the best parts about visiting the Bahamas, is being constantly surround by the sea.... View Details >
Is there anything more romantic than being a castaway on a private island with the person you admire most?... View Details >
With the assistance of well wishers and environmentalists, Kamalame Cay has raised close to $60,000 of the $100,000 goal to rebuild homes, schools, purchase food, water and much needed supplies for the people of Andros. ... View Details >
With so much adventure to dive right into while you're here, it's hard to remember to take time to relax on the island.... View Details >
Walk along Andros’s beaches, and you’re likely to see a lot of conches along the shores. ... View Details >
The Bahamas is well known for breathtaking scuba diving, abundant tropical fish and colorful coral reefs. Come face-to-fin with all the underwater action on a dive trip to the Andros Barrier Reef, and witness these stunning sea creatures for yourself!... View Details >
    One thing that distinguishes Andros Island from many other Bahamian destinations is its relative seclusion.... View Details >
If you’re at Kamalame Cay for a chance to appreciate the natural beauty of the Bahamas, you’ll most likely want to take a visit (if not multiple visits) to West Side National Park. This National Park spans about half of Andros Island, so it’s both accessible from Kamalame Cay and wealthy in local flora and fauna.... View Details >
e holes are large, underground caverns, or sinkholes, formed during past ice ages. While taking a casual stroll across the island, you'll find that blue holes are easy to recognize. They are circular and the deep blue water at the radius is ringed by light blue shallow water.... View Details >
In June, Andros celebrates its crab-catching way of life with the annual All Andros Crab Festival. Scheduled June 9-11, this family-friendly fest features crab cooked 101 ways, a crab cultural show, rake & scrape music and lots more.... View Details >
Hosting a unique, delicious and memorable dining experience is just as important to the lifestyle of Kamalame Cay as the beach that surrounds it. ... View Details >
At Kamalame Cay, honeymooners have easy access to everything they need to lose themselves in each other, to find a place away from the familiar and to dive into their new marriage with a rush of excitement. ... View Details >
Mark your calendars because Junkanoo is coming to Andros. This annual gathering of locals and visitors alike is a celebration of traditional Junkanoo music and dance, displayed through parades of dance groups, musicians, and bright, colorful costumes. ... View Details >
There’s nothing quite like fishing, an activity requiring patience and quiet that can bring you closer to nature. The Bahamas in general and Andros in particular are famous for what is frequently referred to as "Mother Nature’s greatest game fish," the bonefish.... View Details >
Winter’s settled in most everywhere else, but Andros certainly isn’t feeling the chill, and there’s no better time to stop shoveling snow and escape to Andros’s sandy beaches for Andros Nights, an event held every Friday night at Queen’s Park, located just a coastal drive from our Bahamas beachfront resort.    ... View Details >
There are few festivals bigger in Andros than the Harvest Festival. This huge two-day event is a grand celebration of the bountiful resources of Andros as well as the creative spirit of its people, creating a temporary marketplace for fishermen and farmers at the height of the traditional fishing season and the beginning of the winter fruit and vegetable harvest season.... View Details >
This October, Andros celebrates all things conch at the Mars Bay Conch Fest, an annual festival that showcases the history and culture of "conching." ... View Details >
If you're looking for a little solitary time among the natural beauty of Andros, we suggest checking out the Rainbow Blue Hole Trail, a beautiful and well-kept secret of the island. Located less than fifteen minutes from our Bahamas beachfront resort... View Details >
There's so much to see and do in the Bahamas that it can almost seem overwhelming to try to do it all. ... View Details >
If you've had enough beach time for one day and are ready to explore the wonders of the deep, Andros is home to the Andros Great Barrier Reef, the third largest barrier reef in the world. 190 miles long and at some points over 6,000 feet deep, the reef is unique in the region due to the luxuriant growth of healthy coral and very low incidence of coral disease, creating a breathtakingly beautiful experience for those who dive it. ... View Details >
Those familiar with diving may have heard of a phenomenon known as a "blue hole," also known as a vertical, underwater cave. Mysterious and beautiful, blue holes present an incredible and unique diving experience and Andros has some of the most well-known and sought-after blue holes in the world.... View Details >
You see it all over the Bahamas, beautiful, brightly colored batik fabrics fashioned into everything from sundresses to shorts to swim trunks. Would you believe it's made right on Andros?... View Details >