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Spiny Lobster Tails Takeover Kamalame

November 05, 2018

Lobster is a delicacy among worldwide cuisines, but have you had lobster from the Caribbean? Delectably sweet, juicy little lobster tails from the Bahamian Spiny Lobster? This delicious specimen is not quite like the lobster from the North. For one, it is much smaller and the claws are not edible — some may even compare it to a Caribbean crayfish. But oh man, the flavor that these little crustaceans pack is one for the books. We are about halfway through lobster season, which is why we wanted to remind you to try these delicious island treats! The best feeling is diving into the blue on one of our Spearfishing experiences and snagging a few of these beauties for dinner. These yummy little crustaceans are best consumed fresh - from sea to table, maybe grilled, or in a savory stew. Trust us when we say that you’ll love this spiny delight from the Atlantic.