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Six Steps to Sunrise on Kamalame Cay

August 06, 2018

Sunrises and sunsets are the Alpha and Omega of our days at Kamalame Cay, but those sunrises can't be beat. Follow these six simple steps to ensure you have the most quality sunrise experiences, right here on the Cay.

  • Step One — wake up about thirty minutes prior to sunrise.
  • Step Two — stretch and get your body moving after that endless night of rest.
  • Step Three — brew your choice of a morning 'pick me up'- whether tea or coffee.
  • Step Four — take a light stroll to your porch and inhale the crisp Atlantic breeze then continue to a comfy spot on the beach
  • Step Five — settle yourself into the sand, sip and enjoy the island breeze as it caresses your skin
  • Step Six — quiet your mind and enjoy the glorious colors of Mother Nature, we're positive she will not disappoint!