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Peep at the Piping Plover

April 04, 2017

The Piping Plover is the original beach goer; visiting the sandy shoreside since the dawn of time. Their sweet, tiny footprints line the sand of our beaches for miles and miles. You can catch these cute tiny pipers flirting with the waves all day long in search of food just beneath the sand. These birds are also known as Sandpipers, they live in tropical conditions and are rarely seen outside of their beachy habitat.

Their signature markings are black lines betweens the eyes and down the back. Orange skinny legs are the main source of transportation for the piper, unless they are migrating to warmer temperatures these birds keep their feet on the ground; you can catch the occasional flutter when the ocean gets too close. Stop by the beach and say hello to these delightful little birds, they are sure to give you a reason to smile!