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Make Memories at Morgans Bluff

May 07, 2018

The Bahamas has been introduced to many cultures over the evolution of mankind. It began when Christopher Columbus stumbled upon our little island to the many take over attempts by pirates looking to take over the seas. These historical moments are all part of the reason Andros is the way it is today. We are lucky enough to have a little piece of our history preserved right in town.

Morgans Bluff was once used as a landing pad for pirates to target passing ships between Cuba and Florida. The pirates would stake out for weeks at a time in hope to steal valuable treasures. It is said that once the pirates left, they hid their treasures on our island, but to this day it still remains unfound. Morgans Bluff is open to the public and has become one of the more popular beaches around town. Try your luck at treasure hunting while you sunbathe at Morgans Bluff.