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Count on us to deliver the ultimate insider's guide to Andros. From fishing spots to food fests, our staff favorites cover everything worth seeing and doing in and around our island paradise.  

Land A Land Crab

May 31, 2016

They are known around Andros as "walking money" because catching a land crab as it treks out to sea is considered as easy as walking the beach with a basket in hand, gathering up the prized crustacean. In June, Andros celebrates its crab-catching way of life with the annual All Andros Crab Festival. Scheduled June 12 – 13, this family-friendly fest features crab cooked 101 ways, a crab cultural show, rake & scrape music and lots more. It's as great chance to mingle with islanders and guests of Andros hotels as you sample the island's favorite "cash crop." Mark your calendar and don't miss the fun at Queen's Park in Fresh Creek, just a short drive from Kamalame Cay.