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Go Deep to Find Fish in Kamalame

September 03, 2017

In the islands of the Bahamas, fishing is a recreational sport and a provider of income for many locals. Ask The Bahamians and they will tell you about the fishing spots they have found over the years, and all the different colossal giants lurking underneath the surface. In the last twenty years, recreational fishing has become extremely popular for people visiting the islands. The deep clear waters, buzzing motors, and zipping reels are a relaxing way to spend an afternoon under the warm Bahamian sun.

Depending on the type of fish you’d like to catch you can alter your fishing location. If you are interested in the big ticket fish like blue marlins, wahoo or yellowfin tuna, we can take you to the blue abyss where these beauties roam free. For the quick, fun catches, reef or off shore fishing is calling your name — an easy way to pick up a few snapper or grouper just in time for dinner time. Contact our reservations team today to set up your day on the water and explore the seas like a true local!