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Count on us to deliver the ultimate insider's guide to Andros. From fishing spots to food fests, our staff favorites cover everything worth seeing and doing in and around our island paradise.  

Mystical Blue Holes

January 01, 2018

The unknown can be quite intriguing, just imagine an afternoon of exploration while never knowing what  gorgeous fish will swim by or which sea anemone will appear to wave hello.  Take your curiosity to the next level and dive right into the refreshing Bahamian waters to see what forever really looks like! Tucked within the Andros Great Barrier Reef is Rat Cay Blue Hole. Its mystique embodies some of the most powerful elements in the world — sea and distance.  

The healthy coral that surround the hole is another element of beautiful home decor for whales, dolphins and many other magnificent marine life. There is nothing quite like the warm waters of the Bahamas — because of that, this protected piece of earth is also a natural laboratory for researchers who study tropical marine biology and ecology throughout the year. Our dive team provides a large range of services depending for intermediate to avid scuba divers.