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Enjoy a Secluded Beach at Morgan's Bluff

August 12, 2016

    One thing that distinguishes Andros Island from many other Bahamian destinations is its relative seclusion. If you would like to find an isolated beach with an entertaining history during your stay at Kamalame Cay, you can make a trip to Morgan’s Bluff. At about a half-an-hour drive away, this beach is close enough to be convenient, while still affording you the ability to see some of Andros Island and bringing you close to Andros Town.

    As the name suggests, this beach is known for being the supposed location of Captain Morgan’s buried pirate treasure. However, you likely won’t find anything sinister about walking along this white sand beach. If you are traveling with children, you will also definitely want to tell them all about the buried treasure and set their imaginations alight. Either way, everyone will enjoy being at this lookout spot, high enough to provide a long-distance view of the area.

    If you are not traveling with children and have a bit of an adventurous streak, you may also enjoy exploring Captain Morgan’s Cave nearby. Overall, you’ll see the area where Captain Morgan’s crew lit lights to lure boats to the shore, where they would crash and be easy to rob. A visit to the beach and the cave will give you some insight into how these interesting characters lived and operated.

    The waters are known for being clear, and in much of this area, also shallow and calm, so it’s safe for a swim. This beach is also a great place for a picnic, so you may enjoy packing some non-perishable food from the Kamalame Cay to bring with you. When you’re ready to return to the resort, it will be a convenient drive away, and you’ll be able to rinse off the sand and saltwater while thinking of life in a different time.



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