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Can You Spot the Cocoplum?

August 06, 2017

Everything about Kamalame is unique — no matter which way you turn you will find something beautiful and different about our favorite little island. One of the best parts about visiting the Cay is the nature. The lush and beautifully untamed vegetation boasts an array of plants that are notable to the Caribbean and some happen to even be edible! The cocoplum (or icaco, as some call it) is a tiny little fruit that grows along the coast line, down here in the islands. Although it is completely different from a coconut because of its size and color, the flavor is extremely similar. Some say that if you were to close your eyes while trying the cocoplum, you might not even be able to tell the difference between the two once the fruit hits your lips! Come on a treasure hunt- beach side and see if you can spot a cocoplum or two.