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Blue Mystic

June 07, 2017

Dive deep into the enigma and discover the beauty of the blue holes surrounding Andros Island.The shades of the ocean along the holes vary between sweet touches of teal segueing to a soulful looming deep blue. When arriving via seaplane or helicopter, these mystical underwater features  are dots of enhanced aqua tones with a spell binding effect and you may even notice the round sink holes in the distance when walking along a shoreline or on a boating tour of the nearby cays.

These  blue holes may seem infinite but most are around on average 1000 feet in depth.

For adventure seekers, diving into the great beyond is accessible from our cay. 

Ask our Travel concierge about the Rat Cay Blue Hole snorkeling experience because nature can bring us such incredible treats — it is our job to explore them.

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