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Above the Blue

February 07, 2017

Kamalame Cay is absolutely stunning by foot but even more spectacular under sea-level — but even more stunning than those combined, is the beauty of Kamalame Cay while floating your way through the mangroves and waves. Kamalame is home to many different species of birds, sea creatures and plants — all of which survive off of the mighty Atlantic Ocean that surrounds our property. 

While paddling your way through the crystal clear water, you will be able to see all things land, air and sea. Bring a buddy and take your time packing in a little light cardio while being completely immersed in the wild Bahamian ecosystem. A few strokes in the right direction and you might even come across a few friendly dolphins and the super social, yet harmless nurse sharks! We encourage you to indulge and allow all cares to float away in the blue abyss.